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We recommend using the vast metro network in Milan. It’s relatively cheap, quite fast and very flexible. Milan currently has a total of 4 metro lines, with a 5th being built right now. Most of these lines run from 6am to 1am. Check the times before you go out to make sure you won’t end up stranded somewhere!


When you’re not really into traveling by metro, you should try city buses. The Milan city bus system is actually very well-organized. Buses can get you to more specific places, which is convenient if you’re not just looking to visit the main tourist attractions. However, if you’re looking for a quick way to see all of Milan’s famous sights, try the 94 line.


In Milan, most of the public transportation uses the same tickets. How convenient!

Make sure to buy your tickets before you step into the bus or metro, you might not be able to buy them inside, and ticket inspectors are merciless! The fines in Italy are quite high, so don’t get caught without a ticket!